Korean Food Pickup – Fort Lauderdale

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Perillas Pickup Food in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect spot to get your Korean food fix. From their signature Perillas Bibimbap to their delicious kimchi, you can find all the traditional flavors you love. The restaurant offers an array of dishes, from savory soups to grilled meats, that are sure to please any palate. Their Perillas Bibimbap is a must-try, with a combination of rice, vegetables, and egg topped with a spicy gochujang sauce. The restaurant also offers a variety of other Korean dishes, such as japchae and bulgogi, that are sure to satisfy your craving for authentic Korean flavors. With its convenient location and delicious food, Perillas Pickup Food is the perfect place.

Perillas Bibimbap, is a perfect combination of savory and sweet. The bibimbap is served in a bowl with a variety of ingredients, including rice, vegetables, beef, and a spicy gochujang sauce.